Rebekah’s Birth Story

The second one was definitely easier.

But it, too, had its challenges…

From the beginning, we thought she might come early. We thought that because we weren’t sure when I had conceived so the due date was an estimate. We also figured that since I chased Ezra around all day and had gained only 15 pounds, she would just slide out on her own before we knew it.

Don’t I wish…

The contractions started at around 33 weeks. They were never incredibly bad and were never so consistent that I thought I was in labor. They were just regular and annoying.

At 34 weeks I wasn’t dilated, just “soft” (whatever that means).

At 36 weeks I was 2 cm. Which was encouraging considering the still ever-present contractions and the fact that I never dilated at all with Ezra until delivery.

At 37 weeks I was 4 cm. “That means the baby’s coming, right?” Wrong. Did you know you can walk around dilated to 4cm for weeks? WEEKS!! It was painful.

At 38 weeks, you guessed it – still 4cm.

One week before her due date we were ready to go!  I was contracting all night long, sometimes 2 minutes apart so we went to the hospital to check it out.

Lo and behold! Still 4….

At my 39 week check-up, 1 day before my due date, I had finally made it to 5cm. That night I went into labor. It was intense  – and really confusing. My contractions were strong and often – but never consistent. I labored all through the night at home – sometimes on the birthing ball, sometimes in the tub or shower, sometimes walking the block. I ate as much as I could (including a pint of cookies & cream) to make sure I wasn’t starving in the hospital.

At about 5:30 we called my sister in law to come stay with Ezra and headed to the hospital. I was in extreme pain and just praying I had dilated more.

7cm!! What a victory! I wanted to try for a natural delivery but 2 hours later I was still at a 7 (imagine that) and losing my sh#$. Enter the sweet-sweet epidural. I love me some drugs. And thank God I had it because I labored for several more hours, with pitocin, until I was finally at a 10. I guess I just have long, slow labors.

We were praying I wouldn’t have the horrific 2+ hours of pushing that I did with Ezra, and that prayer was graciously answered. I pushed 4 times and out she slid. Our beautiful baby girl, Rebekah Hope, born @ 3:14 Friday, June 21, 2013. She was 8lbs, 0.9 ounces, 19 inches long.


With Ezra I was never able to exclusively breastfeed so we had been praying the whole pregnancy that I would be able to with Bekah. Prayer answered! I nursed her non-stop in the hospital – seriously, every nurse commented on the fact that I never stopped nursing her – to build my supply and, thank the Lord, I have been exclusively nursing the whole time. Go boobs!

Bekah is awesome and so laid back. She has a fierce cry but we don’t hear it too often. At 2 months she is in the 88% for weight and a super smiley girl.


We are stoked with our family of 4!



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