Rebekah’s Birth Story

The second one was definitely easier.

But it, too, had its challenges…

From the beginning, we thought she might come early. We thought that because we weren’t sure when I had conceived so the due date was an estimate. We also figured that since I chased Ezra around all day and had gained only 15 pounds, she would just slide out on her own before we knew it.

Don’t I wish…

The contractions started at around 33 weeks. They were never incredibly bad and were never so consistent that I thought I was in labor. They were just regular and annoying.

At 34 weeks I wasn’t dilated, just “soft” (whatever that means).

At 36 weeks I was 2 cm. Which was encouraging considering the still ever-present contractions and the fact that I never dilated at all with Ezra until delivery.

At 37 weeks I was 4 cm. “That means the baby’s coming, right?” Wrong. Did you know you can walk around dilated to 4cm for weeks? WEEKS!! It was painful.

At 38 weeks, you guessed it – still 4cm.

One week before her due date we were ready to go!  I was contracting all night long, sometimes 2 minutes apart so we went to the hospital to check it out.

Lo and behold! Still 4….

At my 39 week check-up, 1 day before my due date, I had finally made it to 5cm. That night I went into labor. It was intense  – and really confusing. My contractions were strong and often – but never consistent. I labored all through the night at home – sometimes on the birthing ball, sometimes in the tub or shower, sometimes walking the block. I ate as much as I could (including a pint of cookies & cream) to make sure I wasn’t starving in the hospital.

At about 5:30 we called my sister in law to come stay with Ezra and headed to the hospital. I was in extreme pain and just praying I had dilated more.

7cm!! What a victory! I wanted to try for a natural delivery but 2 hours later I was still at a 7 (imagine that) and losing my sh#$. Enter the sweet-sweet epidural. I love me some drugs. And thank God I had it because I labored for several more hours, with pitocin, until I was finally at a 10. I guess I just have long, slow labors.

We were praying I wouldn’t have the horrific 2+ hours of pushing that I did with Ezra, and that prayer was graciously answered. I pushed 4 times and out she slid. Our beautiful baby girl, Rebekah Hope, born @ 3:14 Friday, June 21, 2013. She was 8lbs, 0.9 ounces, 19 inches long.


With Ezra I was never able to exclusively breastfeed so we had been praying the whole pregnancy that I would be able to with Bekah. Prayer answered! I nursed her non-stop in the hospital – seriously, every nurse commented on the fact that I never stopped nursing her – to build my supply and, thank the Lord, I have been exclusively nursing the whole time. Go boobs!

Bekah is awesome and so laid back. She has a fierce cry but we don’t hear it too often. At 2 months she is in the 88% for weight and a super smiley girl.


We are stoked with our family of 4!



Hindsight is 20/12

I like to do a “year in review” kind of thing. Even if it’s the only blogging I do all year. (Which it very well may be…)

The first 10 days of 2012 were spent in joyful anticipation of our first son’s birth. The two days following were spent trying to get him out of me. The next 353 days were spent in awe of God for his gifts – of our son, of His Son, of our family, of His provision, etc, etc.


The past year has been wonderful as we’ve begun the parenting journey. I’ll say a few quick things on this journey:

  • With only 1 child so far, we are far from experts, but as of now, it’s been drama-free.
  • He’s happy, healthy and, if you’ve ever held him, you know he’s a beast.
  • We have a very laid-back household that still thrives on routine and ease.
  • We sleep-trained like a boss!
  • The Lord has been so gracious to me the past year to make this parenting journey an immensely Holy Spirit-filled time.

I guess Ezra was such a good and easy baby we decided to go ahead and try for another one! Jeff was ready when Ez was about 4 months. I was like, “hold up! My uterus needs some breathing room.” We made it 8 months. Our next tiny baby is expected in mid-June. Hurray!

We have made some good friends in our next door neighbors. That is a great answer to prayer. And in keeping with those answered prayers for our neighbors, the Lord has recently opened the door for us to build a relationship with our other next door neighbors! They just had a baby, so I’m weaseling my way into their lives by bringing them food.

We are still praying for more community, still attending a church that is further away than we’d prefer and still struggling with small group connections. We’ve found a great small group, but alas, we are the only couple with a baby and the group is inconveniently geographically diverse (we all live pretty far apart). So I’m still in desperate need of mommy friends. That need only grows as my belly grows. Two kids and only a couple of mom friends close by is not ideal. We are trusting the Lord to grant us wisdom in what to do about church and small group.

Jeff graduated with his Masters in May and we are still loving his company and work situation. It’s been wonderful to watch him parent Ezra and we are just smitten with each other and our little family. Boo-ya!

We have seen God provide mightily in the lives of our family. From new jobs, to new homes, to new cars, to healing and new beginnings. It’s been wonderful to see and be a part of.ruhnow2 ruhnow5ruhnow4

We’re pretty stoked about 2013 and are so overjoyed to know a Savior who is in charge of every aspect of our future.

What you may not know about being Postpartum OR Will the crazy fade with the stretch marks?

*WARNING – I talk about bladder control in this one. If you can’t handle it, you might want to just go here instead.

I thought it might entertain me to share some of the things I’ve struggled with postpartum. If you’re about to pop out your first offspring, this may be beneficial. Or it might freak you out. But they’re my experiences and chances are yours will be completely different. Or not.

What you may not know about being Postpartum.

1. The Pain – Sweet Jesus, the Pain
You know how they say that all the pain and discomfort of labor is forgotten once you see that tiny baby for the first time? That’s true. That is, until that tiny baby gets taken away to get all that gross stuff cleaned off him. Then the pain comes ROARING back.
“Oh, my tiny baby is gone for a few minutes… Why do I feel like I got run over by a truck?…”

Maybe it was just me because I had to push for 2 1/2 hours. But that pain was intense. I will say this in support of the pain – the Holy Spirit was generous walk with me and let me worship through the days ahead and the healing process.

2. The Hormones are a kick in the teeth
I don’t consider myself a dramatic person. At least I didn’t before conceiving. But good grief those freaking hormones make me feel like I have gone bat @** crazy half the time. Now, I may not be yelling and storming around or weeping inconsolably, but I’m off. Extremely off.

And those crazy hormones do not let up after 6 weeks like I naively assumed they would. We’re going on 6+ months and I still feel their vice-like grip on my fragile well-being.

3. Wait, I have to pee – again?!
I thought it was bad having to pee all the time during pregnancy. And it was. But it was a whole new ballgame after the baby popped out. There is an urgency for the first couple of months. Oh, the urgency. Like, seriously, don’t leave the house without going potty first.

Don’t walk to the mailbox without going potty first.
And while we’re on the subject – when going potty and you think you’re done. Hang out for a little bit longer. You’re not done.
And if you’re about to take the baby for a walk and you have him attached to you in the sling and you realize you forgot to do your thing, do not chance it. Pee with him strapped to your chest.
I’ve heard its common to sneeze and lose it a little, or to go for a jog and lose it a lot. So be aware. Those things are possible.

4. Breastfeeding – Lots of time – Lots of pain
Breastfeeding may be easy for you. You may love it. It may be the sweetest time with your tiny baby.
Or, it may be incredibly painful. For me, it hurt every time the first 3 months. And they say it’s not supposed to hurt after the initial hormones after delivery. But I beg to differ.
And I saw the lactation consultant – so many times – I was doing it right. It just hurt.
But if you stick with it, it’s worth it. And then you feel like a total bad@ss because you made it through.
It takes a tiny baby a long time to nurse. Like, an hour or so each feeding. And then it drops to 45 min. And then to 30 and 20. So find some good books to read while you’re bound to your chair. And during those middle of the night feedings, find some good tv.

So, all that to say. Postpartum is quite the journey. But all the pain and hormones and pee scares are nothing compared to the joy of being a mom. So suck it up already!



Why my clothes are always dirty

We have a bit of a spitter on our hands. That mountain of bibs and burp cloths (the ones that weren’t being spit upon at time of photo) won’t even get us through the next 5 days.

What’s in a Name?

People often ask where we got the inspiration for Ezra’s name. I’m pretty sure they expect us to say the Bible.

In reality, I got it while ironing.

We wanted something short and unusual but not too weird. It was just a bonus that it was biblical.

Do you think less of us now?

And surprisingly, people often think Ezra is a girl’s name.

At church.

In the preschool ministry.



And if you’re ever around us, you might hear us call him Trout.

The inspiration for that came from my lactation consultant who said to make sure he has “fishy lips” while nursing to ensure a good latch.

Which led me to recall this song from when I used to watch glee.

Hence, our trouty-mouth baby.

Now you know all our secrets.


  • I love America’s Next Top Model.
    Not because it’s quality television, it’s not. I just can’t help but enjoy watching those hot messes try to be models. I think that show gets ghetto-er/uh, more ghetto (?) every season. Except for all-star season. There will never be any topping that one in lack of class.
  • I still wear maternity clothes. – namely, tops.
    Not because I have to, because I want to. Especially the tanks. They’re so long and still form-fitting but flattering. Mainly long. I love long. And well, to be perfectly honest, my pre-pregnancy jeans don’t fit as well as they used to so it’s nice to have a long tee/tank to cover the expanded hips.
  • I keep finding holes in my clothes.
    Mostly my camisoles. I don’t think it’s anything I’m doing. I think they’re all just wearing out. Maybe I should stop buying crap.
     Is it weird that that’s a pseud0-crotch shot? Sorry. I’m just trying to provide helpful illustrations.
  • If my face wash is doing this to my towel, what’s it doing to my face?
  • I drafted a post a couple of weeks ago about how I was finally getting the hang of being a stay-at-home mom and able to keep the house decently clean, cook meals and take care of the baby. But then that night I went to the ER for a super-gay reason and spent the rest of the week in bed. Utter fail. That post won’t be seeing the light of day. Still, despite my failings, this guy keeps bringing joy to my heart.

Not a Thumb Sucker


“oh yeah, I’m gonna get it! I’m gonna get it!”


“Dang it! Fail.”